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A C-Suite For Christ Production

Bringing Christ into the Workplace

The Story Behind Faith at Work

In Summer of 2020, Paul M. Neuberger was approached by RightNow Media, one of the largest Christian media companies on Earth, about a problem they had. Although they have tons of amazing faith-based content behind their paywall, they were in need of a program detailing how Christian business executives were successfully bringing Christ into the workplace.

Paul’s work with C-Suite For Christ caught their eye and they thought he’d be the perfect person to host a show like this. So, we contacted¬†Paragon Marketing Group and got to work!

After several months of dreaming, planning, and filming, we submitted two pilot episodes of our show, Faith at Work, in the hopes that their executives would be pleased. They contacted us in February of 2021 with the news that they would be offering us a three-year licensing agreement to make Faith at Work available to their subscribers.

This show will now be in front of millions of people from all over the world. Talk about exposure! Visit RightNow Media to view the episodes.

God is on the move!

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